vendor discounts
Red Tray Network members receive the maximum discount — regardless of monthly volume — from each of our lab partners and frame vendors.

Red Tray membership is also unique in that the more lab volume you bill through your Red Tray account, the less you pay for both your lab services and your frames. Click here for an example of how much more you could be adding to your bottom line every month.


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Accu Rx, Inc.  20% Discount

Johnston, RI Phone: 800.234.2369 Fax: 800.234.2371  


Bell Optical  30% Off National Price List

Columbus, OH Phone: 800.776.8077
Twinsburg, OH Phone: 800.622.9008 Fax: 330.963.6517
Williamstown, WV Phone: 800.225.2157 Fax: 304.375.2169
Kenova, WV Phone: 800.553.3402 Fax: 304.529.7259
Indianapolis, IN Phone: 800.382.4523 Fax: 800.325.1026 See Specials »   


Bell-Duffens Optical  30% Off National Price List

Indianapolis, IN Phone: 800. 382.4523 Fax: 800.325.1026 See Specials »   


Carl Zeiss Vision Lab Network   36/34/30% Discount

B&W Optical Phone: 800.638.0377 Fax: 800.232.3093
California Phone: 800.824.4868 Fax: 909.445.1405
Cumberland Optical Phone: 800.888.8316 Fax: 800.765.4393
Georgia Phone: 800.241.9030 Fax: 800.448.0078
Great Lakes Phone: 800.693.0099 Fax: 248.524.2008
Iowa Phone: 888.891.0214 Fax: 888.599.3683
Kansas City Phone: 888.807.0072 Fax: 888.807.0073
Kentucky Phone: 866.289.7652 Fax: 866.329.7652
North Central Phone: 800.328.3829 Fax: 800.553.8540
Northeast Phone: 800.403.8997 Fax: 800.461.4550
Northwest Phone: 800.547.3156 Fax: 800.935.3153
Siouxland Phone: 800.831.8583 Fax: 800.628.3584
Southeastern Phone: 800.456.0088 Fax: 800.397.2638
Southwest Phone: 800.333.5110 Fax: 800.333.5132
Texas Phone: 866.326.5541 Fax: 866.978.1855
Virginia Phone: 800.328.2984 Fax: 800.445.2892    


Central Optical  15% Discount

Youngstown, OH Phone: 800.322.6678 Fax: 888.897.9725  


Cherry Optical  15% Discount

Melvindale, MI Phone: 800.537.2831 Fax: 313.386.2741  


Crown Optical 30% Off National Price List

Greenville, RI Phone: 800.766.2769 Fax: 401.949.3904 See Specials »   


Custom Eyes  30% Off Gold List

Rock Island, IL Phone: 800.322.6754 Fax: 800.336.2114
Sauk Rapids, MN Phone: 800.535.1493 Fax: 800.858.7217  


Custom Optical  5% Discount

Macon, GA Phone: 478.742.2615 Fax: 478.746.1629
Riverdale, GA Phone: 770.994.8272 Fax: 770.994.0038


Dash Lab  30% Off National Price List

Lubbock, TX Phone: 800.327.8522 Fax: 806.794.4471  


DBL Labs  30% Off National Price List

St. Cloud, MN Phone: 800.888.0222 Fax: 800.888.9624 See Specials »   


Duffens Optical   30% Off National Price List

Denver, CO Phone: 800.999.5367 Fax: 303.623.1830
Houston, TX Phone: 800.392.9774 Fax: 713.663.3050
Lenexa, KS Phone: 800.397.2020 Fax: 800.888.5375
Topeka, KS Phone: 800.432.2475 Fax: 785.235.0347
Tulsa, OK Phone: 800.568.5367 Fax: 800.934.3380
Wichita, KS Phone: 800.657.5758 Fax: 866.828.9972    


East Coast Ophthalmic  30% Off National Price List

Jacksonville, FL Phone: 800.493.3214 Fax: 800.493.3215 See Specials »   


Elite Optical  30% Off National Price List

Sacramento, CA Phone: 800.556.5502 Fax: 800.916.3548
Visalia, CA Phone: 800.624.6672 Fax: 559.625.4575 See Specials »   


Essilor New Jersey  30% Off National Price List

Warren, NJ Phone: 877.265.9884 Fax: 877.263.9884 See Specials »   


Future Optics, Inc.  30% Off National Price List

Largo, FL Phone: 888.641.2352 Fax: 877.538.8810


Homer Optical Company   10% Discount

Binghamton, NY Phone: 800.724.2020 Fax: 800.724.3937
Silver Spring, MD Phone: 800.627.2710 Fax: 800.333.7841
Virginia Beach, VA Phone: 800.848.1329 Fax: 800.848.1332
York, PA Phone: 800.899.1822 Fax: 800.486.2278  


Interstate Optical  10% Off National Group Price List

Indianapolis, IN Phone: 800.506.4703 Fax: 800.506.4704
Mansfield, OH Phone: 800.472.5790 Fax: 800.342.4136


Kosh Ophthalmic   30% Off National Price List

Pampano Beach, FL Phone: 800.327.4118 Fax: 800.624.2163  


Laramy-K Optical  10% Discount

Indianola, IA Phone: 800.525.1274 Fax: 800.628.9819  


Lenco Optical  20% Discount

Rutland, VT Phone: 888.234.4555 Fax: 800.843.1555  


Luzerne Optical  20% Discount

Wilkes-Barre, PA Phone: 800.233.9637 Fax: 800.525.5597    


Meridian  30% Off National Price List

Phoenix, AZ Phone: 800.352.5465 Fax: 602.426.0287
San Diego, CA Phone: 800.532.3840 Fax: 858.565.7118 See Specials »   


Midland Optical  20% Discount

St. Louis, MO Phone: 800.325.3176 Fax: 314.446.0850  


Milroy Optical  30% Off National Price List

Tampa, FL Phone: 800.366.2702 Fax: 800.366.9329 See Specials »   


Nassau Vision Group   5% Off Best Column

Nassau Vision East Phone: 800.526.0313 Fax: 800.637.3415
Nassau Vision Central Phone: 800.441.2546 Fax: 800.727.3954
Nassau Vision West Phone: 800.433.2974 Fax: 888.531.1885
Nova Optical Lab Phone: 800.668.2411 Fax: 800.311.6682  


New City Optical  30% Off National Price List

Baltimore, MD Phone: 800.638.3536 Fax: 410.247.1630 See Specials »   


Omega Dallas  30% Off National Price List

Dallas, TX Phone: 800.366.6342 Fax: 800.877.0329 See Specials »   


Omni Optical   Maximum Discount

Beaumont, TX Phone: 800.324.5221 Fax: 800.324.3291  


Opti-Craft   30% Off National Price List

Portland, OR Phone: 800.288.8048 Fax: 800.873.3291  


Optical Supply Inc.  30% Off National Price List

Grand Rapids, MI Phone: 800.441.4441 Fax: 800.441.8329 See Specials »   


Pech Optical  25% Discount

Sioux City, IA Phone: 800.831.2352 Fax: 800.227.3081    


Performance Digital   Net

Fairfield, NJ Phone: 800.444.5010  


Precision Optical Group   5% Discount

Creston, IA Phone: 800.497.9239 Fax: 800.507.4285  


Precision Optics  30% Off National Price List

St. Cloud, MN Phone: 800.328.7075 Fax: 800.535.1165 See Specials »   


Robertson Optical  20% Discount

Albany, GA Phone: 800.288.3995 Fax: 800.999.3098
Columbia, SC Phone: 800.922.5525 Fax: 803.254.1978
Greenville, SC Phone: 800.223.0890 Fax: 864.235.8080
Loganville, GA Phone: 800.929.2765 Fax: 800.929.9450    


Southern Optical  30% Off National Price List

Augusta, GA Phone: 800.969.1296 Fax: 800.969.2408
Bristol, TN Phone: 800.888.2544 Fax: 423.968.5602
Chattanooga, TN Phone: 800.966.8255 Fax: 800.966.8293
Goldsboro, NC Phone: 800.672.4780 Fax: 800.868.4653
Greensboro, NC Phone: 800.888.8842 Fax: 336.273.6625
Greenville, SC Phone: 800.999.4805 Fax: 864.233.7563
Nashville, TN Phone: 800.333.8498 Fax: 615.259.2303
Norcross, GA Phone: 800.765.7343 Fax: 800.765.6311
Richmond, VA Phone: 800.552.9739 Fax: 804.378.5972
Wilmington, NC Phone: 800.969.2390 Fax: 800.969.2335 See Specials »   


Sutherlin Optical  15% Discount

Kansas City, MO Phone: 800.999.8193 Fax: 816.471.4090    


Top Network - Ohio  30% Off National Price List

Columbus, OH Phone: 800.776.8077 Fax: 614.274.5414 See Specials »   


Tri-Supreme Optical  10% Discount

Farmingdale, NY Phone: 800.321.1100 Fax: 877.213.2020  


Twin City Optical  30% Off National Price List

Billings, MT Phone: 800.258.4192 Fax: 800.258.4193
Casper, WY Phone: 800.438.3413 Fax: 800.438.3416
Cedar Rapids, IA Phone: 800.245.5859 Fax: 800.328.9394
Louisville, KY Phone: 800.647.6970 Fax: 800.647.6968
Minneapolis, MN Phone: 800.328.4912 Fax: 800.343.2832
Staples, MN Phone: 800.328.9402 Fax: 800.328.9403
Traverse City, MI Phone: 800.424.0344 Fax: 800.441.0344 See Specials »   


WOS Optical  30% Off National Price List

Green Bay, WI Phone: 800.888.4454 Fax: 800.888.4329 See Specials »   


Wholesale Optical Supply  5% Discount

Robertsdale, AL
Phone: 800.585.2352 Fax: 888.211.1968    

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Lens Connection  10% Discount

Farmingdale, NY Phone: 800.321.1100 Fax: 877.213.2020    


Pentax Vision/Seiko Lens  Special Member Pricing

Mahwah, NJ Phone: 800.401.9101 Fax: 800.367.1665  

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Contact Lenses

Alcon  Special Member Pricing

To view a complete price list, click here.


CooperVision  Special Member Pricing

To view a complete price list, click here.

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Contact Lens Distributors

ABB Optical Group   Special Member Pricing

West Valley City, UT Phone: 800.451.3668 Fax: 800.320.4329


Nassau Vision Group   Special Member Pricing

Northvale, NJ Phone: 800.441.2546 Fax: 800.727.3954


OOGP   Special Member Pricing

Grants Pass, OR Phone: 800.654-3829 Fax: 888.654-0618


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GP Lenses

Art Optical Contact Lens   33% Discount

Grand Rapids, MI Phone: 800.253.9364 Fax: 800.648.2272    


Essilor GP Lenses  25% Discount

Dallas, TX Phone: 800.366.6342 Fax: 800.687.6581

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A&A Optical  23% Discount

Carrollton, TX Phone: 800.492.4465 Fax: 800.998.9331
23%: Alexander Collection, Cruz, Jalapenos, New Globe, Pez, SeventyOne, XXL
18%: Crocs
8%: Jimmy Crystal New York Collection, Quiksilver, Roxy


Altair Eyewear  20% Discount

Rancho Cordova, CA Phone: 800.505.5557 Fax: 800.982.9732
20%: Altair, Genesis, Kilter, Otis & Piper, Revlon, Sight for Students, Sunlites
10%: Anne Klein, Anne Klein Sun, bebe, bebe Sun, Cole Haan, Cole Haan Sun, JOE, Joseph Abboud


Alternative Eyewear/Plan B  10% Discount

Buffalo, NY Phone: 888.399.7742 Fax: 888.615.0192
Clip Tech, Glacee, Grace, Gridiron, Headlines, Ice Cream, Jupiter Slims, Nanovista, One Suns, Staag Spectacles, Ver Sport, Vue


Aspex Eyewear Group  18% Discount

Miramar, FL Phone: 800.277.3979 Fax: 800.792.7739
18%: Aspex, Authentix, Cargo, Castel, CEO, Chill, Cool Clips, Di Valdi, EasyFlip, EasyTwist, Fergani, Lincoln Road, MagneTwist, MagneTite, MDX, Napoleon, Oliver Country, Paradox, Pentax, Private Jockey, Quest, St Honore, Superfit, Takumi, Tik-Tak, TAK2MI
10%: Adidas, BMW, Greg Norman


Charmant Group  20% Discount

Morris Plains, NJ Phone: 800.645.2121 Fax: 800.443.2238
20%: Aristar, awear, Charmant Perfect Comfort, Charmant Pressure Mount, Charmant Titanium Perfection, CFX, Elle, Esprit
15%: Eddie Bauer, Isaac Mizrahi
10%: Line Art, Z Titanium


Clariti Eyewear  Special Member Pricing

City of Industry, CA Phone: 800.372.6372 Fax: 888.277.7001  


Classique Eyewear  10% Discount

San Diego, CA Phone: 866.604.5700 Fax: 858.566.5812
Charles Stone NY, CIE, C-Zone, Gios Italia, Kenzo, Kingsley Rowe, Lisa Loeb, William Morris Black Label, William Morris London, William Morris Young Wills


ClearVision Optical  20% Discount

Hauppauge, NY Phone: 800.645.3733 Fax: 800.228.6329
20%: ClearVision Collection, Digit, Dilli Dalli, DuraHinge, IZOD, IZOD Perform-X, Jessica McClintock, Junction City, Koodles, Ocean Pacific, Puriti, Red Raven
8%: Aspire, BCBG Max Azria, Ellen Tracy, Mark Ecko, Steve Madden
Net: BluTech, Lone Star, Revo


Colors In Optics  15% Discount

New York, NY Phone: 866.393.3374 Fax: 212.465.0939
Azzaro, Charriol, Cio Vintage Coll., Crayola, Jessica Simpson, RocaWear, Southpole, Steve Madden, Unionbay, Vince Camuto


Costa Del Mar  10/7/5% Discount

Daytona Beach, FL Phone: 800.447.3700 Fax: 800.818.3737


De Rigo REM  Discounts based on prior year's volume

Sun Valley, CA Phone: 800.423.3023 Fax: 818.504.3966
Carolina Herrera CH, Carolina Herrera NY, Chopard, Converse, Dunhill, Escada, Furla, Indie, John Varvatos, Jonathan Adler, Jones Men, Jones NY, Jones Petite, Lanvin, Lipstick, Lucky Brand, Nina Ricci, Police, Popcorn, Readers/Visualites, Rembrand, Spine, Surface, Tumi


Design Gallery  10% Discount

Westbury, NY Phone: 800.876.3937 Fax: 888.557.5845
10%: Kata, VANNI
5%: Judith Leiber Couture


Eastern States Eyewear  10% Discount

Elmont, NY Phone: 800.645.3710 Fax: 800.543.8198
Cazal, Diva, Exces, Jaguar, Police, Thierry Mugler


Europa International  18% Discount

Buffalo Grove, IL Phone: 800.621.4108 Fax: 800.553.1020
18%: Adin Thomas, Cinzia Black, Cinzia Ophthalmic, Michael Ryen, Scott Harris
Net: Sunwear, Readers  


FGX International  5%-46% Discount

Smithfield, RI Phone: 800.480.4846 Fax: 401.232.4625
46%: Sofia Vergara
25%: Body Glove, Essense, Jeff Banks
22%: Corinne McCormack, Levi’s, Reebok
15%: Anarchy, Angel, Eyesential, Haven Fit Over, Haven Clip’s, Gargoyles
12%: Corinne Sun Rx, Gargoyles Sun Rx
5%: Corinne, Foster Grant, Lightspecs, MicroVision, Polinelli, Private Eyes
Net: Foster Grant Readers


I Optics Inc.  10% Discount

Oceanside, NY Phone: 877.766.0077 Fax: 888.262.3600


Interstate Rege  20% Discount

Mansfield, OH Phone: 800.472.5790 Fax: 800.342.4136


Jonathan Paul Eyewear/Fitovers  10% Discount

Austin, TX Phone: 888.834.8872 Fax: 800.416.4887


Jungle Eyewear   23% Discount

Buffalo, NY Phone: 866.586.4534 Fax: 800.561.5613


Kenmark Group  20% Discount

Louisville, KY Phone: 800.627.2898 Fax: 800.395.6733
20%: Comfort Flex, Destiny, Fundamentals, Gallery, República, Timex, Wolverine
10%: Jhane Barnes, Dana Buchman, Kensie, Lilly Pulitzer, Original Penguin, Vera Wang, Zac Posen  


Kering Eyewear  10% Discount

Bridgewater, NJ Phone: 844.790.9164 Fax: 908.725.1241
10%: McQ, Puma
6%: Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney, Saint Laurent
4%: Gucci
2%: Boucheron, Brioni, Christopher Kane, Tomas Maier, Pomellato
Net: Cartier


L’Amy Group  Discount Structure By Brand

Wilton, CT Phone: 800.243.6350 Fax: 800.446.1785
Discounts are based on initial buy-in quantity 12 PCS+
L’Amy, C by L’Amy, Vision’s, Ann Taylor, Bally, Balmain, Columbia, Nicole Miller, Sperry, TLG


Lafont  13% Discount

New York, NY Phone: 800.832.8233 Fax: 212.253.6876


Legacie   Net

New York, NY Phone: 800.221.7176 Fax: 877.979.9200


Liberty Sport/Switch Vision  7% Discount

Fairfield, NJ Phone: 800.444.5010 Fax: 866.646.9879  


Luxottica Group  20% Discount

Port Washington, NY Phone: 800.422.2020 Fax: 800.451.4839
30%: Brooks Brothers, DKNY
20%: Emporio Armani, Luxottica, Sferoflex
18%: Disney, Polo, Polo Prep, Ralph Lauren
12%: Ray-Ban RX
10%: Burberry, Coach, D&G, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Purple Label, Ralph, Ray-Ban Jr., Ray-Ban Youth, Tory Burch, Versace, Vogue
5%: Oakley RX, Oakley Youth, Prada, Prada Sport
Net: Armani Exchange, Bvlgari, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Miu Miu, Oakley Jr., Oakley Sun, Persol, Ray-Ban, Tiffany, Valentino


Marchon Eyewear  20% Discount

Melville, NY Phone: 800.645.1300 Fax: 800.544.1334
20%: Airlock, Autoflex, Blue Ribbon, Flexon, Liu Jo, Marchon NYC, Skaga, Tres Jolie
10%: Calvin Klein, cK, Chloe, Columbia, Dragon Optical, DVF, ETRO, Ferragamo, G Star, Karl Lagerfield, Lacoste, MCM, Nautica, Nike Optical, Nine West, Sean John, X-Games
Net: Nike Suns


Marcolin Eyewear  20% Discount

Scottsdale, AZ Phone: 800.537.9265 Fax: 800.835.0805
20%: Bongo, Catherine Deneuve, Cover Girl, Marcolin, National, Rampage, Savvy, Skechers, Viva
15%: Candie’s, Gant, Guess, Harley-Davidson, Kenneth Cole NY, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Timberland
10%: Diesel, Emilio Pucci, Just Cavalli, Marciano, Swarovski, Zegna
5%: Balenciaga, DSQUARED2, Mont Blanc, Moncler, Roberto Cavalli, Tod’s Eyewear, Tom Ford, Zegna Couture


Match Eyewear  20% Discount

Westbury, NY Phone: 877.886.2824 Fax: 888.557.5845
20%: Aero by Float, Danny Gokey, Float Kids, Float Milan, Helium Paris, Match Eyewear
15%: Adrienne Vittadini
10%: JL by Judith Leiber


McGee Group  20% Discount

Marietta, GA Phone: 800.966.2020 Fax: 800.966.2030
20%: Argyleculture, Ducks Unlimited, Life Is Good, Totally Rimless, XOXO
15%: Vera Bradley
10%: Badgley Mischka, Trina Turk


Menizzi Italy Eyewear  15% Discount

Brooklyn, NY Phone: 877.636.4994 Fax: 718.499.0042


Modern Optical  20% Discount

Roselle, IL Phone: 800.323.2409 Fax: 800.323.3089


Modo  10% Discount

New York, NY Phone: 800.223.7610 Fax: 800.557.6636
Eco, Derek Lam, Modo


Morel USA  10% Discount

Wyckoff, NJ Phone: 800.526.8838 Fax: 888.631.9796
Koali, Lightec, Nomad, Öga  


New Millennium Eyewear Group  20% Discount

Oceanside, NY Phone: 800.852.7857 Fax: 888.262.3600
10%: I Optics, Imago, Ogami, Pix, Superdry, Charmossa


New York Eye/Hart Specialties  Special Member Pricing

Amityville, NY Phone: 800.221.6966 Fax: 800.221.2068  


Nouveau Eyewear  17% Discount

Carrollton, TX Phone: 800.292.4342 Fax: 877.655.0049  


OGI  20% Discount

Minneapolis, MN Phone: 888.560.1060 Fax: 888.560.1066
20%: OOGI, OGI Kids, Innotec
7%: Seraphin
4%: Bon Vivant, Red Rose
Net: Scojo New York  


OWP  7% Discount

Olathe, KS Phone: 877.569.7872 Fax: 913.839.2580
7%: OWP, Metropolitan, MEXX
Net: Sunglasses


ProDesign Eyewear  10% Discount

San Francisco, CA Phone: 800.654.6099 Fax: 888.275.2540


Sàfilo Group 13% Discount

Parsippany, NJ Phone: 800.631.1188 Fax: 800.338.5583
Adensco, Banana Republic, Bobbi Brown, Boss Orange, Carrera, Chesterfield, Claiborne, Denim, Dior, Dior Homme, Elasta, Emozioni, Fendi, Fendi Men, Fossil, Givenchy, Havaianas, Hugo Boss, Jack Spade, Jimmy Choo, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Liz Claiborne, Marc Jacobs, Max Mara, Moschino, Polaroid, Rag & Bone, Safilo, Saks Fifth Avenue, Smith, Tommy Hilfiger



Oneonta, NY Phone: 800.962.3200 Fax: 800.451.5050


Seiko Eyewear  12% Discount

Mahwah, NJ Phone: 800.401.9101 Fax: 888.229.1560


Signature Eyewear  15% Discount

Inglewood, CA Phone: 800.765.3937 Fax: 888.439.3289
Cutter & Buck, Dakota Smith, Hart Schaffner Marx, Hummer, Laura Ashley, Nicole Miller, Signature Collection


Silhouette  10% Discount

Green Island, NY Phone: 800.223.0180 Fax: 800.545.9901


Smilen Eyewear   10% Discount

Cedarhurst, NY Phone: 800.887.5675 Fax: 888.556.3623


Tura Eyewear  12.5% Discount

Great Neck, NY Phone: 800.242.8872 Fax: 800.869.8872
Bogner, Brendel, Crush, Geoffrey Beene, gx by Gwen Stefani, Humphrey’s, Kate Young, L.A.M.B., Lulu Guinness, oio, Ted Baker, TITANflex, Tura, TuraFlex


WestGroupe USA  10% Discount

Plattsburgh, NY Phone: 855.455.0042 Fax: 877.683.4606


Wiley X Eyewear  7% Discount

Livermore, CA Phone: 800.776.7842 Fax: 925.455.8860


Zyloware  20% Discount

Long Island City, NY
Phone: 800.765.3700 Fax: 718.392.3955
55%: Gloria By Gloria Vanderbilt, Stetson Off Road
20%: Daisy Fuentes, Gloria Vanderbilt, Project Runway, Randy Jackson, Randy Jackson Limited Edition, Shaquille O’Neal, Sophia Loren, Stetson, Via Spiga, Zyloware
15%: Leon Max, Leon Max Limited Edition,, Randy Jackson Sun (6 min. order), Red Lotus, Red Tiger
10%: Stetsun Sun

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Lab Supplies

Dynamic Laboratories  6% Discount

Hauppauge, NY Phone: 888.339.6264 Fax: 631.231.7374


Hilco  5% Discount

Plainville, MA Phone: 800.955.6544 Fax: 800.995.2154


Prestige Optics/Hilco  5% Discount

San Francisco, CA Phone: 800.272.9226 Fax: 650.588.3322


OptiSource Int/Nu-Chem  7% Discount

Bellport, NY Phone: 800.678.4768 Fax: 877.536.7253

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Optical Accessories

Accessories by Ron's Optical  Special Member Pricing

Livermore, CA Phone: 800.247.7667 Fax: 877.247.3937


Arch Crown Tags  5% Discount

Hillside, NJ Phone: 800.526.8353 Fax: 973.731.2228


CalOptix  Sale Price

Hayward, CA Phone: 800.523.5567 Fax: 510.352.3714