Why Red Tray?

Our members save 3 - 17% MORE on frame, lab and contact lens purchases.

You could too with Red Tray Network.

Whether you bill $500 or $5,000 per month with any or all of your preferred vendors, you will receive our best discounts on every lab, frame and contact lens purchase.

Red Tray Network requires no monthly minimums to ‘qualify’ for our discounts, yet the average volume per Red Tray member is five times greater than other groups.

The reason is simple: Because our members save 3-17% MORE across the board, most elect to bill their lab and contact lens purchases, along with their frames, through their Red Tray account.  That volume of business allows us to reward members billing just $3,500 per month in any combination of lab and contact lens with a 1% Admin Fee!


Sample Savings:

Here’s an example of how much you, as a Red Tray member, would save based on a monthly lab bill of $3,750, contact lens purchases from Alcon and/or CooperVision totalling $875, and $2,000 worth of frames at list. Red Tray would bill you the following:


Based on your Red Tray discounts, your total charge for product that month is $5,100.  And, because you billed $3,500+ in lab services, CooperVision and Alcon, your admin fee is 1% on all of your purchases.  Therefore, your total bill is $5,100 + $51 = $5,151 — a savings of $1,474.

By Comparison:

A member of a traditional buying group would pay $6,625 minus a 15% discount on frames and lab services = $5,763 — a savings of only $863.

In this scenario you, as a Red Tray member, would take an ADDITIONAL $612 per month , that’s $7,344 MORE per year straight to your bottom line.