Red Tray Member Service representatives are available to answer your questions Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST, but you may find a quick answer in the responses below. If not, please don’t hesitate to call 800.416.7676, e-mail us at

What Are The Advantages Of Belonging To A Group Purchasing Organization?

If I’m already getting a discount from my current vendors, why would I want to belong to a purchasing group?

Red Tray membership gives you advantages that may be impossible to obtain on your own. Unless you have a very large optical operation, your individual negotiating power with vendors is limited. On the other hand, when you belong to Red Tray, you will receive discounts based on the purchasing power of the entire membership.

You — along with thousands of other independent practitioners — are able to buy lab services, frames, and other optical supplies from the industry’s leading vendors at discounts that make you more competitive with the chains and superopticals. Membership is FREE — there is no cost to join.

What is the benefit of consolidated billing?

Another advantage that many practices find just as important as discounts is consolidated billing. Red Tray consolidates all the purchases you bill through your Red Tray account on one easy-to-understand statement, and guarantees that your statement will be 100% accurate every month. That means less paperwork for your staff, less difficulty reconciling your accounts and less time correcting billing errors.

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Why Red Tray?

Who owns and operates Red Tray?

Red Tray is owned by Jerry Hayes, OD, the founder of Hayes Marketing, HMI Buying Group and e-dr. Red Tray employs an extremely knowledgeable staff that averages 17 years experience in the wholesale optical industry. Click here to read more...

What is a red tray?

Labs use the term ‘red tray’ to designate a special job.

What is Red Tray?

Red Tray is the first-ever group purchasing organization for independent eyecare professionals that lets you leverage your lab volume to pay less for both your lab services and your frames.

We combine the purchasing power of thousands of independents to earn maximum discounts from many of America’s best labs and frame vendors then pass those FULL discounts on to our members. Because we only charge a small fee based on the lab volume you purchase each month, Red Tray is a great deal for any practice willing to bill some or all of their lab services and contact lenses through us. Click here for complete details.

What benefits, other than discounts, do you offer?

Membership in Red Tray goes far beyond maximum discounts on lab services and frames and special offers you won’t find anywhere else. It is the only membership that also offers you practice management articles from Jerry Hayes and other industry experts plus discussion boards, surveys, technical lab information — and a wide range of exclusive online member services. Click here for a complete listing.

How big will my Red Tray discount be?

Red Tray members receive the maximum published discount — regardless of monthly volume — from each of our lab partners and frame vendors. A small (1% or 3%) administrative fee is then added to your monthly bill. Click here to see the discount schedule and an example of how Red Tray can generate additional profits for you every month.

How is my admin fee determined?

Members receive the maximum discount from all Red Tray optical laboratories and frame companies, and pay a simple, straight-forward fee that is based on the level of lab services purchased each month. This fee is then applied to the total purchases.

For example, if your total lab and contact lens purchases for the month were $3,500, you would qualify for an admin fee of only 1% for that month. This fee would then apply to ALL of your lab, frame and supply purchases. Click here to see the discount schedule and an example of how, as a Red Tray member, you could be taking hundreds more straight to your bottom line every month.

My current laboratory offers me their final column discount most of the time without going through a purchasing group. Why should I change my lab and/or my billing to Red Tray?

Unless you have a very special deal with your lab, it will be hard to beat — or even match — the Red Tray discount. And remember, as a Red Tray member, you will also receive the maximum discount from virtually every major frame company — without purchasing additional frames.

I don’t see my lab listed on your price list. Do I have to use Red Tray labs to get those frame discounts?

In order to get discounts this deep, we have to focus our business with a group of high quality, nationally known labs. We are adding new labs on a regular basis, though, so be sure to check our website often.

I don’t see my favorite frame vendor on the Red Tray price list?

We will be adding select frame companies on an occasional basis, so be sure to check our website regularly.

I am currently a member of HMI Buying Group. Should I switch all of my accounts over to Red Tray?

No, remember that Red Tray is a lab-focused group so we do not offer every vendor that is available through HMI. If you need assistance evaluating your options, please call Red Tray Member Services at 800.416.7676.

If I am currently a member of another buying group, or if I buy direct from some vendors, do I have to switch all of my accounts over to Red Tray?

No, only the accounts you wish to bill through your Red Tray account. Keep in mind, however, that Red Tray offers you the maximum discounts available from the nation’s leading labs and frame vendors — and it does save your staff time to receive just one statement each month.

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How To Join

What does it cost to join Red Tray?

Membership is FREE. There is no cost to join. Click here to join now.

How do I join?

It’s easy to apply for Red Tray membership. Just click here to submit your information online. We will process your application and call you once it’s been approved, usually within 24 hours. Or, if you prefer, call 800.416.7676 for a fax-back application. If you have questions or need additional information, please call Red Tray Member Services also at 800.416.7676.

How long after I return my application will I find out if I have been accepted as a member?

We will process your application and call you once it’s been approved, usually within 24 hours. If you need immediate access to your Red Tray account, please call Member Services at 800.416.7676.

If I have bad credit (or no credit), can I still join Red Tray?

Depending on your individual circumstances, our credit department will do everything possible to assist you with opening an account. Call to discuss your needs and we will be glad to work with you.

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Placing Orders

Will my Red Tray membership change the way I place orders?

No, you will continue to order directly from vendors (just be sure to use your Red Tray member number/vendor drop-ship number when ordering) and the vendors will ship directly to you. All vendors bill Red Tray monthly for your purchases, then we consolidate your monthly purchases on one statement. You receive full discounts as long as your remittance is received by the 20th of the month.

Do I need to set up an account with each vendor?

Our vendors prefer to establish a new account when you are ready to order. When you place your initial order, just identify yourself as a Red Tray member to ensure your new accounts have been set up to bill through Red Tray. A small percentage of vendors require additional credit information and/or will give you special instructions for establishing a new account.

If I have more than one location, do I need separate member account numbers?

Only if you want to keep the billing separate. Otherwise, you can have one account number with different drop-ship locations.

Does my sales representative still get credit for purchases I make through Red Tray?

Yes, you can order from your sales representative or directly from the company. Just be sure to inform your sales rep that you are a member of Red Tray to ensure your discounts.

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Vendor Policies

If I have already purchased from a vendor that requires a minimum order to establish a new account, do I need to meet that minimum again?

In most cases, no.

Am I allowed to have both a direct account and a Red Tray account with the same vendor?

Some vendors allow you to choose how you wish to be billed. However, there are a few vendors that will only allow you to have one account. In those cases, you will need to decide if you wish to have your purchases billed through your Red Tray account or billed direct.

What about laboratory remakes?

Your lab’s normal policy will apply to remakes.

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About Your Billing

Do I pay Red Tray or the vendor directly?

You will pay Red Tray for any supplies purchased with your Red Tray account number. Every vendor from whom you have purchased (using your Red Tray member number/vendor drop-ship number) each month will send us an invoice. Red Tray will consolidate your invoices and send you a monthly statement (one page per vendor). Payment must be received by Red Tray no later than the 20th of each month to ensure your discount.

What are your payment terms?

To receive full discounts, your payment is due in our office by the 20th of each month. You will receive an e-mail notifying you that your statement is available to view online (and your paper statement will be mailed) no later than the 7th. As an added convenience, we offer automatic direct drafts with our i-drafts service. Simply go to to log in, review your statement over our secure connection, then click the i-drafts button to authorize payment. Click here for more information about this exclusive service.

Does Red Tray accept credit cards for payment of my bill?

Because of our razor thin margins and our desire to pass the full discount on to our members, we regrettably cannot accept credit cards.

Does Red Tray charge sales tax?

Red Tray does not charge sales tax unless you are located in Mississippi. However, some of our vendors do, and that will be passed on to you unless you are tax exempt. If you have a tax-exempt certificate, please forward it to the vendors so they can adjust their records accordingly.

Does Red Tray honor special payment terms offered by my vendors?

Yes. If a vendor has offered you any special terms, they will be honored by Red Tray.

What if I have a coupon from a vendor?

Please forward coupons to that vendor for credit. They will notify us and any savings will be reflected on your Red Tray statement.

If I return a product to the vendor that I purchased direct (not with a Red Tray account number), do I get credit through my Red Tray account?

No, returned products that were purchased directly from a vendor will be credited back to your direct account by that vendor, not by Red Tray. If a vendor does issue a full credit through Red Tray, that credit will normally be applied against your account balance.

Where do I send products I need to return?

Products should never be returned to Red Tray, even if they were purchased with a Red Tray account number. They should always be returned directly to the vendor. Any products sent to Red Tray will be returned to the member.

How long does it take to process credits from vendors?

We process all credit memos the same billing cycle they are issued by the vendor.

What if I can’t pay on time?

Keep in mind that in order to obtain these discounts for you, we must pay our vendors in a timely manner. Please call our credit department at 800.416.7676 to make arrangements if you will be unable to remit by the date payment is due.

Who do I call if I have a problem with my statement?

You may speak with any of our knowledgeable Member Services representatives at 800.416.7676, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST.

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